Future Work Plans

In 2019 careful modelling of the Fossilik, Imiak Hill, Mikissoq, Spotty Hill, and other melanoritic intrusions was completed and a series of regional exploration opportunities on the licences were identified for follow-up work. The known mineral zones have potential to extend to depth, and next steps in exploration will require the follow-up of these zones, further evaluation of the potential for mineralization in structural zones cutting country rock gneisses adjacent to the intrusions, and the evaluation of new opportunities identified in the course of 2019 review of data.

In addition to the potential at the known mineral zones, there is also remaining regional potential. The Maniitsoq Property is a camp-scale project and most of the drilling has been concentrated at the Imiak Hill Complex and at Fossilik. There are numerous untested VTEM anomalies and stream sediment geochemical anomalies that have not been explained. A review of the WV-3 multi-spectral data shows signatures interpreted to be norite intrusions that have not been prospected.

Future work plans will explore both the regional potential and extension of known mineralization to depth.

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