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Premium Nickel Resources (PNR) is a private Canadian company dedicated to the exploration and development of high-quality nickel-copper-cobalt (Ni-Cu-Co) resources. We believe that the medium to long-term demand for these metals will grow through continued global urbanization and the increasing replacement of internal combustion engines with electric motors. Importantly, these metals are key to a low‑carbon future.

The Company maintains a skilled team with strong financial, technical and operational expertise to take an asset from discovery to exploration to mining.

PNR has focused its efforts in discovering world class nickel sulphide assets in mining friendly jurisdictions that fit a strict criteria that comply with the Company’s values and principles which stand up against the highest acceptable industry standards. We are committed to Governance through transparent accountability and open communication within our team and our stakeholders.

PNR, through its subsidiary Premium Nickel Resources Botswana, submitted an extensive Indicative Offer in June 2020 to be considered as a bidder to acquire the former producing Ni-Cu-Co assets formerly operated by BCL Limited, and currently in liquidation in Botswana. This process is still underway. We have an expectational local team based in Botswana monitoring the progress. Please visit Premium Nickel Resources Botswana for more information.

PNR continues to evaluate and opportunistically acquire new highly prospective Ni-Cu-Co projects by applying best practices to identify, de-risk and rapidly advance successful prospects.

Our long-term strategy includes disciplined cost controls to ensure profitable operations and maintained stakeholder benefits across an entire commodity price cycle.

Recent News

  • March 24, 2021
    Premium Nickel Resources Awarded Exclusivity to Acquire Former BCL Assets In Botswana
  • February 16, 2021
    Premium Nickel Resources Selected as Preferred Bidder in BCL Liquidation Process
  • Sustainability

    PNR’s approach to the full enactment of its vision, from the day it invests to the day it leaves the land it has operated on, is fully embedded in the commitment of functioning in a strong sustainable framework. Compliance with the highest international standards for the protection of the environment, as well as the socio-economic ecosystem, governed by strong policies and systems shall prevail throughout.

    Most importantly PNR commits very early on and well ahead of any tangible actions being taken, to proactively, openly and continuously engage with all stakeholders, so that they may share and provide input and feedback, and so PNR can understand and learn how to best address concerns and integrate solutions into its operations.

    PNR’s strategy is to invest with responsible corporate behaviour, implementing new and innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly and setting up operations that will have the smallest footprint possible for when it does stop and after remediation.


Keith Morrison, P.Geo.
Chief Executive Officer & Director
Sarah-Wenjia Zhu, B. Ec. (Accounting), MBA, CFA, CICPA
Chief Financial Officer


Charles Riopel
Chairman of the Board
Keith Morrison
Arno Brand
Sheldon Inwentash
John Chisholm

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