Selebi Mine

PNRL Exploration Work

Exploration work completed by PNRL in 2021 included of the sourcing and digitization of existing historical information, confirming collar and down hole location information of selected historical holes, and completing electromagnetic surveys (BHEM) on selected high priority historical exploration holes. 

This compilation work highlighted an off-hole BHEM anomaly in a 2010 drill hole located down-plunge of the Selebi deposit.  The collection of new gyro data confirmed that the off-hole anomaly lies at the down-dip edge of the modelled Selebi mineralization. The modeled source was intersected by a drill hole which reported an estimated true thickness interval of 38.5 m averaging 1.58% Ni and 2.44% Cu, including 21.4 m of 2.34% Ni and 3.39% Cu.  This drill hole intersection is located approximately 300 m down plunge of the existing mine workings and approximately 1,200 m below surface and provides support to the potential establishment of Mineral Resources at depth at the Selebi deposit. Selebi North mineralization is also open at depth, and additional potential to establish Mineral Resources occurs here.  Given the basin structure, it is possible that the Selebi North mineralization extends at depth and flattens to the south, while also potentially extending southward.

A program of hole and dummying of holes in June 2021 indicated that most holes are blocked near surface, and inaccessible for new downhole surveys. Since October 2021, Discovery Drilling has been cleaning old holes to facilitate new gyro and BHEM data. In March 2022, Mitchell Drilling mobilized two drill rigs to site and began testing the modeled EM conductor in an area northwest of sd119.

Over the next 18 months, PNRL plans to confirm the existing in-situ mineralization and test the down plunge extension of economic mineralization at Selebi Main, in addition to the potential connection of Selebi Main and Selebi North at depth using a series of infill and extension drill holes surveyed using both a BHEM and borehole televiewer with the objective of using their results to support the estimation of Mineral Resources at the Project.

The proposed work plan for the Selebi Mines Project includes additional diamond drilling which is expected to be ongoing for up to 18 months. Simultaneous to the ongoing drilling program additional metallurgical samples will be collected and sent for more detailed studies. The underground infrastructure at Selebi North will be upgraded to support the underground drilling program as well as improve health & safety at Selebi North. 

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